The Association of Health – Walk a day in my shoes

As a way to reach out and promote the conversation between the union and local politicians, we developed a shoe bag with Crocs slippers with the invitation “Walk a day in my shoes.”

Vårdförbundet’s members have successfully used the shoe bag to influence local politicians on various current issues since the summer of 2012,

and received a lot of attention and media publicity during the ”midwife uprising” (Barnmorskeupproret) in the spring of 2013. A number of midwives started a petition against the savings in maternity care, that had become so extensive that they threatened patient safety.

Vårdförbundet – FamiljenPangea
Den här inbjudan skickades ut till politiker och beslutsfattare.
Vårdförbundet – FamiljenPangea
Barnmorskorna blev inbjudna till TV4 Morgon. Se klippet här.
Vårdförbundet – FamiljenPangea
Medlemmar beställde fler skopåsar.